Internet Safety Agreement

Like the family contract, the online security agreement involves fulfilling promises, which is a positive statement about how you and the young people you support will want to take care of each other online and how you should treat each other online. A family deal is a good way to start a conversation with your whole family about how you use the internet and discuss together how you can behave positively on the Internet, whether at home, at school or at a friend`s house. Our family contract contains a list of things to follow when creating a family contract, as well as a few examples to facilitate your entry. A draft agreement is also available to help families have clear expectations about positive and safe use of the internet. Be sure to read our children`s love OF internet safety… Advice to parents and caregivers to ensure that your children seriously surf, surf smart and surf safely You can occasionally go through their agreement to put the most important promises of all to the forefront and ensure that they are always relevant to your current group needs and to your use of the internet. As children get older, they may have a greater share in choosing what promises should be and help decide what consequences should be on their breakup. Adolescents and youth will find it particularly useful to be involved in this process, as it gives them the opportunity to take responsibility for their own behaviour. Internet debate can be a great way to express young people`s ideas on how to stay safe and use the internet responsibly. More information on how to put the family agreement into practice can be found on our blog.

See or download the tool and even hang the chord on the refrigerator. The online security agreement for FOSI families is also available for download in Spanish. Online security is a partnership. To ensure that everyone on the internet remains safe and responsible, it is important that children and adults agree on how personal devices and technologies are used. Please note that this agreement helps your organization work to protect young people online and should never be used instead of an acceptable protection or use policy. It can be difficult to manage a family that is on different sites when it comes to online security. Get parents and children together by integrating a collaborative family safety agreement into your home and selecting the best rules for your family. Check the next agreement with your children, sign it and post it from the computer as a souvenir.