Software Evaluation License Agreement Template

Unless otherwise stated in accordance with this section, this agreement will remain in effect until the end of the trial period. Any party may immediately terminate this agreement and any order form containing the terms of this agreement if the other party substantially violates that agreement. Any party may terminate this contract without cause, after a 10-day written notification. Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, all licenses granted will be automatically terminated after the end or end of the trial period, and the Client will cease all use of the licensed software and return to Docker all materials (including copies of the licensed software) that Docker makes available to the Client. Sections 1, 2.2, 4, 5 and 7 to 14 are retained beyond any termination or expiry of this contract or order form. 3.1. The customer is solely responsible for the purchase and installation of appropriate hardware and support software (including the limitation of operating systems and network devices) and for the proper installation and training of the Ververica product. Further details are included in the documentation. (B) The software contains specific software that is provided under different open source licenses. Full machine-readable copies of source code and open source software licenses can be obtained on the Kony Open Source ( website.

Open source software is distributed without warranty, without even the tacit guarantee of MERCHANTABILITY or Fitness FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE (B) Some components of the software are provided under various open source licenses that have been provided to Kony. You can only modify or replace these open source components. provided that (i) the resulting software is used on a single computer instead of the unchanged software; and (ii) comply with the terms of this license and all applicable licensing conditions for the use of open source components. Kony is not required to provide technical or technical assistance for the resulting software. 2.2. Restrictions. Subject to the client`s mandatory rights under current legislation, the customer does not: a) transfer, sublicensing, sale, lease, lease or distribution of his rights to the Ververica product, provided, however, that the customer retains the right to sublicensing, transfer, lease, lease or distribute the Ververica product to his group companies, subject to the requirements and limitations provided by this agreement, provided that the customer is responsible for these companies and their compliance; (b) to wear, translate, locate, modify or create derivative works based on the Ververica product or Ververica documentation; (c) dismantling, decompiling, dorsal engineering, translation or any other attempt to deduce or obtain the source code, ideas, algorithms, structure or organization of the Ververica product; (d) copy or duplicate the Ververica product (except to create a copy only for archival purposes); (e) use the Ververica product for third parties, including a service office, time allocation or third-party training; or (f) publish the results of the reference tests on a product without the written consent of Ververica. 4.2. All support and maintenance services require the implementation of a separate service agreement between the parties. The customer must not destroy, disable or circumvent the key and/or the usage and time limitations set by the key or the software conceded, or attempt to destroy, disable or circumvent it. The customer recognizes and accepts that any attempt to exceed the use of the licensed software beyond the limits set in the key will automatically and immediately cease the licenses granted under this Agreement.