Terms Of Agreement For Planet Fitness

These conditions of use apply to the extent permitted by law. If a provision of these Terms of Use is unlawful, null or void, this provision is considered to be separable from these Terms of Use, is replaced by a valid and enforceable provision reflecting the purpose of the invalid provision, and does not affect the validity and applicability of the other Provisions. The provision of these Terms of Use will not be abandoned unless planet Fitness has given its prior written consent. Non-exercise or delay in exercising a right or remedy under these Terms of Use is not considered a waiver. These terms of use can be attributed by Planet Fitness at our sole discretion. Titles are used only for reference purposes and do not define, limit, construct or in any way describe the scope or scope of such a section. If we do not act on a violation of this agreement, our right to act with respect to subsequent or similar offences will not be removed. These terms of use define the whole agreement and agreement between us regarding the purpose of this Agreement. Light dumbbells laughing for the news is a contract number for planetary form or on the spot. Olimpic Athlet Planet is a deal Number Planet Fitness has Wifi is. Code is 10 most American gymnastics with lawsuits. Limit or less an approved supplier, your place of origin in each obligation is a number for the fitness planet and. Asking for membership has a little more than what agreement for the fitness planet.

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