Tsawwassen Agreement

b. to obtain an injunction or injunction that is available by other means until the disagreement is resolved under this chapter. 30. Following a written notification to the parties to the arbitration proceeding within a fortnight of receiving a notification under term 27 or a copy of an agreement written under clause 28, a party who is not directly involved in the disappointment has the right to be entitled and, as a party to arbitration, , is added to this disagreement, whether or not that party participated in joint negotiations or a necessary facilitated process. 82. When the Tsawwassen government, at the request of Tsawwassen First Nation or British Columbia, will legislate in accordance with section 78, these parties will negotiate and attempt to reach an agreement on the provision of a kindergarten for Class 12 in order to: c) negotiations that must be conducted in accordance with a provision of that agreement providing that the contracting parties or one of them “negot to reach an agreement”. b. agreements with Canada or British Columbia on the conduct of prosecutions and remedies. B. Level 2: structured efforts to reach agreement between the parties or between the parties, with the help of a neutral who is not empowered to resolve the dispute, in an facilitated process, in accordance with Annexes P-2, P-3, P-4 or P-5; and 14. The parties can negotiate and attempt to reach an agreement on the prevention, preparedness, response and recovery of environmental emergencies in the Tsawwassen areas, which will include agreement on the roles and responsibilities of each party. 13. This agreement does not prevent Tsawwassen First Nation from entering into an agreement with a federal authority or agency for the access and harvesting of Tsawwassen members on land that is in possession or operation by that department or agency under this agreement and federal and regional law.

91. At the request of a contracting party, the contracting parties negotiate and strive to reach an agreement on the provision and management by a federal and provincial institution of health services and programs for persons residing in Tsawwassen Lands. b. to do everything in its power to appoint negotiators who have sufficient powers to reach an agreement or who are willing to have access to it; and 17. For better security, Tsawwassen First Nation can enter into agreements on the supply and payment of: 10. Where a proposed development in the 1.h chapter of the soil management chapter is a federal project or a provincial project subject to administrative procedures in point 12 of this chapter, the parties strive to reach agreement on harmonizing their respective procedures. 29. Subject to clause 35 or an agreement under clause 32, before British Columbia introduces legislation in the B.C. legislature or before the Deputy Governor of the Council approves a regulation, British Columbia will disclose the First Nation of British Columbia if: 58. A contracting party or part or other document referring to this agreement or mentioned in this agreement, including an agreement reached as a result of necessary negotiations or admitted by this agreement, is not part of this agreement, is neither a treaty nor a land agreement, and does not justify, recognize or confirm any Aboriginal or contractual rights within the meaning of Sections 25 and 35 of the Constitution. , 1982.

4. From time to time, at Tsawwassen First Nation`s request, Canada and British Columbia may negotiate together or separately with Tsawwassen First Nation and attempt to reach an agreement with Tsawwassen First Nation with respect to: 29.