Wa Health Service Level Agreement

The OBM framework describes how key performance results, services and indicators (KPIs) are used to measure the performance of the VA health system in achieving relevant overall overall governance objectives. KPIs measure the effectiveness and efficiency of services provided by the VA health system to achieve the required results. Service agreements make resource allocation decisions and provide the framework for evaluating services. They are the primary budget accountability tool that defines the roles and responsibilities of the system manager and integrity service providers. The VA health care system operates under an Outcome Based Management (OBM) framework under Section 61 of the Financial Management Act 2006 and Treasurer`s Instruction 904, in accordance with its statutory obligation as the VA`s public authority. The service agreements specify and detail the scope of services and targeted areas of activity that the system manager will purchase from health care providers in a fiscal year, in accordance with the government`s policy objectives and budget allocations. Service contracts are executed in accordance with Part 5 of the Health Services Act 2016 (Act). Outages within five minutes and full service will be restored within 24 hours. Va`s financing and purchasing guides provide information on obtaining financing, procurement policies and mechanisms, and the process of allocating resources for health services in the VA.

WA Health supports flexible working practices as part of a quality health service. WA Health is committed to a smoke-free environment in all buildings, land and vehicles. By complying with service agreements, health care providers are committed to meeting the service obligations and service requirements outlined in the service contract. The division head, as systems manager, agrees to provide the financing and other support services described in the service agreements. The policy framework, published by the department`s CEO as systems manager, sets out the binding legal and financial framework that all health care providers must follow to ensure effective and consistent approaches to meeting government budgetary and financial procedures and requirements; Process of purchasing and allocating resources throughout the VA health care system. If this selection procedure is initially used to fill the above positions, it can also be used to fill other “similar” positions throughout health. In addition, if the successful candidate were to refuse or leave the vacancy, the nearest candidate may also be selected as part of this procedure. Both options remain valid for six (6) months from the date the authorized delegate approves the recruitment decision. Position Profile: We are looking for a market contract manager who manages the development, implementation and evaluation of awarded contracts, contracts, projects and programs for THE WA Country HEALTH SERVICE (WACHS). This position guides, guides and facilitates the development of project concepts and implementation strategies, while providing risk assessment and management advice on the risks, benefits, costs and potential effects of major reform initiatives. Territory Profile: The VA Country Health Service (WACHS) is Australia`s largest health system and one of the largest in the world and provides health services to approximately half a million people, including 45,000 Aboriginal people, over an area of two and a half million square kilometres.

The organization comprises seven regions with a strong network of public hospitals, health services and health centres in rural and isolated Western Australia. Our main activity is to provide quality and accessible health care to VA residents and visitors to the country.