Canada Manitoba Workforce Development Agreement

40. This agreement replaces the Canada-Manitoba agreement and the Canada-Manitoba labour market agreement for persons with disabilities when it came into force. On that day, those agreements will be revoked. Every Canadian deserves a fair and equal chance to succeed in the workforce. Through smart investments like the provincial agreements announced today, we can strengthen our middle class and help more hard-working people to join. 23. Manitoba also agrees to ensure that eligible recipients can benefit from these services or assistance in one of the two official languages where there is a significant need for services or assistance under eligible programs in one of the official languages. Manitoba is committed to ensuring that services provided in both official languages in both official languages are provided in designated areas in accordance with Manitoba`s language services policy and the Bilingual Services Act, which concentrates the Francophone population, and, where possible, to all Francophones in Manitoba. , in accordance with Section 11, paragraph 2, point e), of the Francophonecommunity Enhancement and Act Support. which calls on all public bodies to “strengthen the vitality of Manitoba`s Francophone community and support and support its development.” This copy of the bilateral transfer agreement between the Canadian government and Manitoba serves only as a reference and research. The final version of the agreement is the official version between the parties. 51. In the event that payments to Manitoba under the Canada-Manitoba Employment Fund Agreement and the Canada-Manitoba Disability Labour Market Agreement exceed the amount to which Manitoba is entitled under these agreements, the amount of the surplus is a liability of Canada and is refunded to Canada immediately after notification and within the time frame set in the notice.

2. An amendment to one of the annexes of this agreement may be made by the written agreement of the designated officials of the contracting parties. 6. (1) Manitoba is committed to providing eligible recipients with employment and training assistance to improve their ability to do their current work, prepare for new employment, improve their labour market participation, develop the skills needed to find, maintain and advance employment, improve their labour market performance and develop their workforce.