Independent Schools Nsw (Teachers) Multi-Enterprise Agreement 2018

It is not strictly necessary for the employer to decide between granting a worker`s application in full or rejecting the application. Instead, the school should meet with the employee to discuss the proposed work agreement and any problems that may arise if the application is accepted. Where possible, the employer should strive to reach an agreement that balances the needs of the school and the workers. b) The employer complied, in a modern arbitration or enterprise agreement applicable to employment, with an obligation to advise on dismissal. The school should consider all the opportunities it has, especially all the employment opportunities within the school that may be offered, such as a teacher. B a teacher who works as a boarding school supervisor or an RFF role. The more opportunities the school offers to staff, the easier it is to show the Fair Labour Commission that the school has tried to meet the worker`s needs for flexibility in work regimes. Within 21 days of the written request, the staff member must receive a written response explaining the reasons for rejecting the original application, the options available or a declaration of the revised agreements (if agreed). Revised standard employment contracts and the staff code of conduct are now available.

For more information, assistance or specific advice, please contact a member of the workplace management team via email or (02) 9299 2845. The aisnsW Employment Relations Team has assembled a series of documents and resources to help schools. The computers on this page help schools calculate the corresponding leave fees for staff. The Union thanks the members for their patience in waiting for the approval of the agreements. 1. Payment by pro rata for non-temporary period calculated according to the formula provided in the corresponding agreement. AISNSW advises and supports member schools on a wide range of labour and employment relations issues. In the menu below, you`ll find important information on the many facets of good employment practices, including resource tools and other materials that will help schools fulfill their obligations as employers. AISNSW has compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help schools work.