Sag Aftra Television Agreement 2019

The prices of the daily and weekly headliners under this agreement are set at 35% of the scale of the basic agreement. For the film works covered by the theatrical agreement, the residues begin as soon as the film appears on the video/DVD, the basic cable and free pay TV or new media. The Moderate Low Budget Project Agreement (MPA) includes non-episodic content productions that have been shot between $300,000 and $700,000 for the total value of the United States. The agreement must be executed by performers at least one week before any work. The MPA applies to films that are originally released in one of the following versions, but there is no need to publish them for the first time in any of the following versions: – All Netflix dubbing for foreign language live action and animated films that are synchronized in English in the United States are made under a union agreement with improved terms. SAG-AFTRA members can only work on a project if the studio, production company or producer has signed the corresponding SAG-AFTRA agreement. The elusive elusiveness could result in hefty fines. While this article attempts to lay the groundwork for the common treaties, it is by no means a complete summary or a complete list of SAG-AFTRA agreements. There are always areas of shadow after the state and the project, and you should always read your agreements carefully and check them out. SAG-AFTRA TELEVISION agreements are based on content type, media and, in some cases, budget.

For example, programs that go directly to a streaming service (such as Netflix) and have a budget of less than one million can be covered by the new media agreement, but for all programs on that budget – even if they go directly to streaming – the SAG-AFTRA TV contract applies. SAG-AFTRA divides TV contracts into four categories: – The agreement includes payment for the remains of films produced under a SAG-AFTRA theatre contract that are on display on Netflix. The prices of the daily and weekly headliners under this agreement are set at 65% of the scale of the basic agreement. While the main players are generally paid well above the SAG minimum, the lowest thing that can be paid to the main players under this agreement is this: the new agreement, which follows with a few exceptions the codified basic agreement and the union`s television agreements, was adopted today by an overwhelming majority by the national body during its one-day videoconference session.