Time Charter Agreement Sample

Owners must present timely completed questionnaires in the format required by charterers for all loading or unloading terminals, if required by charterers for the duration of the charter period. If insurers of such insurance were to require payment of premiums and/or calls because the vessel is located inside or in areas declared by these insurers as additional premiums due to war risks, these premiums and/or calls are reimbursed by the charterers at the same time as the next payment of rent to the owners. (b) while attached to the buoy, vessels must not, at such a time, refine 4.5 M at the rear; For clarity, if the owners/masters lead the ship to miss the first available convoy as soon as it arrives at the link area, the lost waiting time for the next convoy will be the owners` account. The owners acknowledge that a copy of BP`s operating manual (third party manager) has been provided to them and undertake that they and the ship`s managers will comply with the requirements and recommendations contained in the vessel at all times. b) Owners also ensure that the master, officers and crew are properly qualified (as attested by the corresponding certification) and have experience in the operation of the GHI and that the GHI is operated in according the operational procedures described in the IMO publication Inert Gas System (IMO 860E), as described from time to time. (a) (a) owners must comply with the requirements of the International Code for the Safety of Ships and Port Facilities and the corresponding changes to Chapter XI of the solas (ISPS code) with respect to the vessel and the “company” (as defined in the ISPS code). When trading with or from the United States or transiting U.S. waters, owners must also comply with the U.S. Maritime Transportation Security Act 2002 (MTSA) requirements for the vessel and the “owner” (as defined by MTSA). (i) the Master commits, and respects all the rules, rules and recommendations established in all ship declaration/transport systems in service during the period of this Charter for the transit of the Strait of Turkey and the owners guarantee that they, the ship`s managers, captain and crew are familiar with the ethical and commercial policies of charterers, as defined in BP`s Code of Conduct entitled “Our Integrity Obligation” (a copy of which is available on www.bp.com) and their application to third parties. Owners undertake to ensure that, when fulfilling their obligations under this Charter, they, managers, the master and crew act and adhere to the principles set out in the BP Code of Conduct at all times.

(i) the vessel loads the cargo at the maximum safety speed and, in all cases, within a maximum of twenty-four hours or in proportion to a partial load, provided the cargo can be delivered during that period; and c) if the vessel is equipped with an IGS, it must arrive at all loading ports with fully inoculated tanks. If the vessel is delayed due to poor operation or malfunction of the GHI, the vessel must be decommissioned for the period of time lost.