Une Tenancy Agreement

Termination before the expiry of the deadline (and the applicability of the cancellation fee) 13.4 A new occupant (i.e. a resident who has not yet entered into a accommodation contract with the UNE)), who has not previously stayed at an UNE college, may terminate this contract within the first 2 weeks of the start of the contract without a cancellation fee. , in the following circumstances; 13.1 A Wright College resident cannot be transferred to another residence without the prior written consent of the UNE. THE UNE may establish all the terms of any agreement it grants under this clause, including, but not limited to, the resident to enter into a new accommodation agreement with respect to the new residence.13.2 A resident of a college other than Wright College who wishes to change universities can only do so if::13.2.1 ONE (at his discretion) accepts the transfer; and 13.2.2 there is room availability and the remaining duration of your accommodation agreement is the same in that college.13.3 An inmate who moves to another room category must pay the room price from the transfer date. ONE assumes that owners and owners do business as part of the statutory guidelines and reserves the right to refuse a list that is not compliant. All contractual agreements exist between students and landlords or brokers. The letter indicates the end date of the lease, given the notice period, which is usually three months. In exceptional cases, the notice period may be reduced to one month in areas where the demand for housing is particularly high or if the tenant can prove that he is in one of the following situations (the reasons for termination must be included in the letter of termination of the tenancy agreement): a tenant may terminate his tenancy agreement at any time. They must inform the lessor or his agent by letter recommended with acknowledgement or by notification of the judicial officer or a letter received by the recipient and signed by the recipient.