Book Similar To The Four Agreements

Remember that it`s hard to remember more than 1% of a book. In a very lively and techno-dependent culture, we may end up feeling exhausted and exhausted without even knowing why. Dr. Judith Orloff`s book, Positive Energy, offers real solutions to protect yourself from energy vampires (you know who they are) or “Technodespair” (did it melt the core the last time you lost access to the internet? You have it.) Are you looking for a little life stimulant? Whether you`re looking for that creative spark, need extra motivation to reinvent your routine, or find the courage to go your own way, put room on your shelf for those four life-changing books that mindbody San Diego desk swears. “This book helped me through difficult times when it was difficult to find clarification. He really put life in the right perspective and gave me a sense of tranquility. It challenged me in every aspect of life: work, home, friends, family, you name it. It pushed me to leave my comfort zone remembering the chords – be blameless with your word, don`t take anything personally, don`t make assumptions and always do your best. Everyone should read this book and practice their lessons! ” – Keana N., Consumer Product Marketing Manager ” The most important thing in life is to learn to spend love and let it in.” This book changed my attitude towards life and helped me see the world from a broader perspective. You can`t be afraid to try new things, and it`s never too late to make your dream come true.

There are so many life lessons that are beautiful and moving on these pages, and I think everyone should be invited to read this book. ” – Devin D., Marketing Communications Specialist I think if you can find a snack in a book you`ll remember later, it`s a great book. This book taught me to turn away from things that flow and turn to things that nourish. I`m still multitasking and sometimes checking my emails while I`m on the treadmill – but at least I know it better. When I read one of these books, I feel like a vampire. As if I sucked all the blood of the author. I steal his soul and consume it. Once upon a time there was a routine – the same negative thoughts every day, the same disorganized mess at home, problems that were never solved. Over the years, there have been three books that have helped me in critical moments. Each book has helped me, in its own way, to clear my head, clean my closet and change my life. Laugh if you have to, but they can also shake it for you – if you`re ready. This book is about allowing you to let go of things, including ideas and people that deprive your life of energy and vitality.

There`s even a chapter on removing your cone. In other words, everything you don`t need, don`t like or don`t want? Let me go of that. Ugh, I`m not even done. And I`m over 40 pounds. These simple rules went straight to the heart of all the important areas of my life. It`s amazing how four simple ideas can change everything. I open it when I`m in trouble. A little book with gigantic wisdom, and not as much woo-woo as you might think.

They are probably a little skeptical of people who read self-help books. But I see these missives a little differently: if I don`t help myself, who will? In my work, I am attracted to the essential, the dark, the bottom of my ass. But in my life, like most of us – yes, even you – I seek balance and harmony. Do yourself a favor once – shut up that foolish inner voice and read these three books. 
”Factual is sensitizing, changing and more grateful at a time when we never needed it. . . .