Contract Pilot Agreement

Licensee agrees to participate in a pilot project to test the feasibility of online access to magazines at the Wiley Online Library in predefined databases. This Agreement is hereinafter referred to by and between Air Atlantic as the agreement and the pilots in the service of Air Atlantic, entered into and entered into by the Air Atlantic Pilots Association, hereinafter referred to as the Association. This Agreement supersedes and replaces all prior agreements and applies under this Pilot Agreement (“Agreement”), dated October 1, 2014, but validly on the date of issue of the loan referred to below (“Effective Date”), by and between the DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OF MURRAY COUNTY (the “Issuer”), a development authority and a public entity duly established by the Development Authorities Act. O.G.C.A. ยง36-62-1, ff. (the “Law”), TDG OPERATIONS, LLC, a limited liability company in Georgia (the “Company”), and MURRAY COUNTY, GEORGIA (the “County”), a county in the State of Georgia (the issuer, the company and the county, a “party” or, together, the “parties”). The BOARD OF TAX ASSESSORS OF MURRAY COUNTY (the “Board of Assessors”) and the TAX COMMISSIONER OF MURRAY COUNTY (the “Tax Commissioner”) each provide a confirmation annexed to this Agreement in order to recognize their respective agreements with the provisions of this Agreement applicable to them, but they are not considered parties. It is understood by all parties that the advertising pilot by December 31, 1999 on the part of both companies is a better effort to provide resources for the project for the creation, implementation and testing of marketing messages, which Xerox is convinced offer effective awareness and engagement for Xerox products with school administrators and companies that provide the Zap Me! netspace. `control` means the power of a person, company, group or other separate legal person to gain (whether by holding shares, holding voting rights or by powers conferred by the articles, constitution, social contract or any other document governing that entity) that the affairs of another are managed (and `controlled` accordingly) (1) This is an agreement between The Drone Co (TDC) and TDC Certified Pilot on the responsibilities of both parties in their designated territory. (C) If the study is successful, both parties wish to enter into another agreement under which (i) the customer would license illumr software; and (ii) illumr makes the products and services available to the customer. 23.1 Both Parties are independent contractors under this Agreement. Nothing in this Agreement creates an employment, agency, joint venture or partnership relationship between the Parties or their personnel, or any other legal agreement that would impose liability on either Party for the action or omission of the other Party. Neither party is expressly or implicitly entitled to enter into contracts or commitments, to enter into commitments on behalf of or on behalf of the other party, or to bind the other party in any manner.

`confidential information` means any information or matter of a confidential nature of the other Party and of the associated enterprises of the other Party which may be made available to it and its affiliated undertaking shall be known with respect to this Agreement, including the limitation, content and existence of this Agreement and any envisaged future agreement; as well as the fact that discussions and negotiations on such processes and transactions take place….