Reviver Aed View Agreement

If you sign up for the ReviveR® View service contract, you will receive much more than one AED. You will receive the new ReviveR® View, Wandschrank, AED-Formations, Pads/Batteries and software upgrades at a low and fixed monthly cost of only 109 $US per month with a 36-month service contract. At Cintas, we know that a strong supplier network plays a direct role in our business performance and global competitiveness. And we have long relyed on the services of a wide range of domestic and international suppliers – who own, operate or operate subcontractors in hundreds of cases abroad and produce production on five continents in more than 30 countries. Direct access to a live customer service team that takes care of our customers` needs, from ordering to product recommendations, to optimize your day. To speak to our customer service team, call 800.707.9120. A DVD has a sequence of events that it plays, whether on your computer or on any media. That`s not it. In fact, the device reads an ECG on a patient and determines the rescue sequence that the lay assistant needs to save that patient. It is therefore not a question of playing a tracked video; What he does is that there are instructions based on how that patient presents himself, how to save someone. It accesses data files and extracts information and gives instructions in real time based on a patient`s heart rate or absence. Help your staff, contractor and workstation ready™ with a variety of products and services that meet your needs. The ReviveR® View AED has been designed for secularly controlled responders and does not have covers, moving parts or housings – only two keys with upstream pads.

The ReviveR® VIEW automated external defibrillator is the first and only AED on the market to use digital video to show how to save the life of a sudden victim of cardiac arrest in real time. Using the ReviveR® View is like a personal coach alongside a savior. Interactive videos, with easy-to-read text and voice ads, show the savior everything from applying defibrillation pods to delivering shocks to the victim of sudden cardiac arrest. Continuous monitoring of the heart determines whether the patient`s heart rate is recovering and whether a shock does not stop or not. Save time and money with signalt`® cleaning service. Find out how! The Defibtech Lifeline is easy to use and also a very intuitive device. It always tells you verbally if something is ever right with the device. The expiry date is printed on both the electrode pods and the battery. For years, Cintas Corporation has worked with the public sector to provide cleaning products, concierge supplies, and a variety of cleaning products and services.

Our cooperative purchasing strategy with Cintas helps your agency reduce costs while saving time and resources. . . .