Stamp Paper Value For Agreement

4.2 Instruments that are performed only from Maharashtra may be stamped within three months of first receipt in India. 1. A contract of sale providing for the transfer of ownership is considered a “transfer” and is stamped accordingly. However, compensation for the tax paid shall be made at the time of performance of the carriage. No. 5 / Stamp Duty 06 / Letter. No. 58/06/1224 Inspector General at Registration & Stamp Maharashtra State, Pune Office, Pune. Date: 10/08/2006 TB, The Superintendent of Stamps, Mumbai. Under: Collection of stamp duty on acts of agreements concluded before 10/12/1985 Reference: Your letter No BOM/5064/06 of 03/08/2006 Referring to the points raised in the letter below, we express the following; For sales contracts concluded before 10.12.1985, stamp duty applied in accordance with section 5(h) of the Bombay Stamp Duty Act 1958 and not section 25 of the Act. This is in line with the Judgment of the High Court of Honorable Mumbai in the Padma Nair V/S Dy case. Collector, Stamps & Adjudication and others. Where State contracts concluded before 10.12.1985 are submitted pursuant to Article 31, the stamp collector may not comment on those agreements in accordance with Article 32(C)(A) and (B).

In accordance with Article 33 or the Amnesty Scheme, instead of issuing an order, you can send a letter to the data subjects who have submitted such documents in the following format. “Your deed of sale is executed before 10.12.1985. At the time of the execution of your deed of sale, the contract of sale was not treated as a partial remission and the provision relating to the collection of stamp duty was not applicable at that time. As such, the agreement shall be deemed to be duly affixed in accordance with Article 5(h). However, it should be noted that whenever you continue to obtain the transfer, you are required to pay the full stamp duty on the current market value of your property, in accordance with the rules. Inspector General of Registration and Controller of Stamps Maharashtra State, Pune Currently, the government has approved a new type of stamp, i.e. called electronic stamp. The complete paper-stamp/francage system is replaced by the electronic stamp system. Stamped papers are still used; However, electronic versions are being developed to reduce the risk of fraud. If the client does not return the amount, you can bring an action for reimbursement on the basis of this agreement, which it considers as a receipt for the delivery of the consideration.

2.4 Where a document is drawn up in such a way as to fall within the scope of more than one article of Annex I, it shall be imposed by the article which collects the highest amount of stamp duty. ₹ 10 for every ₹ 500 or part (about 2%) of the market value of the separate share or separate shares 1. This is an agreement signed on a stamp document and valid under the law. The value of extra-judicial stamp vouchers under the current rule 100, rs 500, rs. 1000, rs. 5000, rs. 10000, item 15000, item 20000, item 25000 and item 75000 are available in India. Documents, if not duly stamped, are not admissible as evidence in court. Under article 59, any person who, with the intention of evading stamp duty, executes or signs instruments covered by stamp duty without it being properly stamped shall be liable, if convicted, to a severe term of imprisonment, which may not be less than one month but may be extended up to six months, and a fine of up to five thousand rupees.

Sections 67 and 68 allow authorities to enter any premises and inspect and confiscate/confiscate documents that are not properly stamped, and each official is charged with assisting authorities in detecting tax evasion. . . .